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About Alley
      I’ve been an avid user of Iclone since March of 2007.  My initial interest was in finding ways of animating Pinhead and bringing him to life.  But like many of you have found, once you get to playing around with Iclone, you are hooked.

      My background is actually more from the video editing side, so stitching my movies together was the easy part for me. Bringing Pinhead to life was a delight and the Pinhead projects officially added an Iclone division last year.  

      While I love designing clothes for characters, I am equally enthralled with telling stories and constantly strive to improve my Iclone skills.   At any given time, I am likely in the midst of designing a line of clothes, making a movie or two, working on a Pinhead project and working a day job from home.  In addition, I have three children with my husband Walter, ages 12 and 13 and 22, so needless to say, there is never a dull moment in my life.

    I also have a business with my sister where we create family slide shows to music and transfer home videos to DVD, turning them into stories.  Recently we incorporated an Iclone animated character for a Nursing Reunion, where the Grandma was recalling her early days in nursing by having a conversation with her granddaughter.  These animated introductions done in Iclone, completely enhanced the entire collection of slides and movies covering 50 years, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  Every nurse in the group requested a copy of the DVD for a keepsake and while the show would have been a success without the animations, it was over the top with this unique way of presenting the memories.
Thanks to Warlord for creating the
Album prop used in this video