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      The Cool Creators are a group of like-minded hobbyists with a common passion for Iclone.  Originally started by Rainman, a long-time user of Iclone and it’s predecessor called “It’s Me”, it has evolved over time from an informational forum, to a vital resource for Iclone users of all skill levels to obtain help, share ideas and a library of hundreds of freebies to help you get started with your Iclone productions.  Each member brings his or her unique talents to the group to make a well-rounded resource.

A Bit About Each Member

Rainman - Founder/owner of Cool Clones Forum, Clone Clips and Cool Creators (hence, C3).  As one of the first users of Iclone, Rainman wanted to create a forum for Iclone users to help each other to become more proficient with the program.  Rainman has a unique ability to encourage others to grow and improve their skill levels without any feelings of intimidation.

Animatechnica - Also know as Aknzrdude, he was one of the first members of Cool Clones.  He is particularly skilled at texturing knights and medieval -type characters and is equally talented in story telling of the same genre.  His movies always have compelling stories and he thinks of even the smallest details such as face expression, eye movement and lighting.  He is also a skilled set designer, mostly using the Iclone building blocks.

Duchess - Duchess just might be the smartest woman I know. Aside from her unbelievable gift as a clothing designer for Iclone, she has become extremely skilled in many areas.  As one of the first and perhaps only person who has managed to rig animals in Iclone to actually be avatars (not props), she has gained much notoriety.  In addition, she has designed some incredible sets in Sketchup and freely shared them with the community. She has also created some unique G3 characters.  And to top it off, she is a lovely person who I am happy to be associated with.

Warlord - A movie by Warlord has you lost in the story within the first few seconds.  He is one of the most talented movie-makers in Iclone.  Despite this great aptness, he is a wonderful and down-to-earth person who is always willing to help and encourage others.  In addition, he has created some of the coolest props for Iclone using 3dsMax, and he shares these with the community.  Warlord has his own resource site called Iclone Revolution.

Wolfzone - Wolf is a fellow Canadian, in fact, he is a neighbour.  As of this writing, we have not met, even though we live literally 5 - 10 minutes away from each other.  I will keep you updated.
Wolf is perhaps one of the most artistically gifted of the group.  He has not only great skill with Iclone, both in movie making and set design...but he has the unique ability to see the whole picture.  I personally rely on him for creative and technical advice when working on a movie.  He is also one of the most skilled set designers using the program Sketchup.  A set created by Wolf has all the professional touches in even the smallest details. He is constantly providing the community with “how to’s” and documented steps on how to achieve better results in our movies.  Wolf has a weekly radio show with Dulci called “The Wolf and Dulci Hour”.  Monday nights at 10:00 EST but the show is taped if the time is inconvenient.

DocDrill - A mostly silent member of the group, but a long time member and skilled at set design and character creation.  DocDrill was instrumental in helping me as a new user find a way to recreate Pinhead from a 2D character to an Iclone character.  I believe Pinhead’s belt and hair tuft that he wears to this day were crafted by Docdrill.

Alley - A member since Fall, 2008, I am one of the newest members of the group and probably the least proficient in Iclone - I am delighted to be part of the Cool Creators. The ability to learn from these extremely talented people was an experience and opportunity that has proved to be extremely fulfilling.  My thanks to each member for the warm welcome.

Bigboss - The most recent member is Bigboss.  Guy’s talents with 3ds Max and the generation of his version of “Skintight” Cloth for G3, have been a tremendous asset and enhancement to our group.

Guy has been involved in 3D Animation and Video Productions since the early introduction of the Video Toaster and Lightwave on Amiga systems back in 1984. He ran his own 3D Animation house as a Hobbyist for several years while working as a Computer Engineer at CAE in the field of Flight Simulator Visual Systems.  He is now directing engineering teams in the development of Audio Video equipment used in the Television Broadcasting and Post Production industry.

Guy discovered iClone in 2008 and has been addicted to it ever since.  After experimenting with iClone for few months, Guy decided that he could contribute to the iClone community by translating his past technical experience into the realization of innovative content for iClone. Guy applied as a certified CCD developer in 2008 and shortly after, generated his first G3 Character Freebie. He has since found a home with us on the CoolCreator team and has been teaming with Alley and Aknrzdude ever since to create new content for iClone.
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