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The Pinhead projects began in 2006 from discussions amongst video enthusiasts on the Pinnacle Studio Forum.  Paul37, an active member suggested a group project, and after much discussion....the Pinhead projects began as a way of learning and pushing the envelope and creativity of our members.

Our first project was entitled “World Project” and participants were simply encouraged to produce a video with Pinhead in it and it was supposed to tell a bit about where each person was from.   It became a smashing success and several companies donated prizes.  The Pinhead Awards emerged and five projects later, are still going strong.

Beginning with our third project, entitled Mystery Manor, Iclone became a separate division and Reallusion have been kind enough to eagerly provide prizes for us in our last two major projects.  Other loyal prize contributors are Pinnacle and Prodad.

Pinhead was created by my husband Walter, as a cartoon 2D character.    The committee consists of an incredible cast...

Longcross/Brian.....Website Design/Control
Joe.....Amazing creative brain
Gerry.....Iclone Wizard
Paul37....Founder and most hilarious person
               I know
Alley....That would be me.

We have a close association with Video Friends Forum, and we have a discussion thread devoted to Pinhead there.

For complete details about Pinhead, please visit our website at www.pinheadhq.com