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Without Trust
This project was written by my good friend Brian Stout, and I asked him to write an interesting detective story for me so that I could work on improving my skills with Iclone 3.  The script was fairly long, so I decided to do it in parts.  This is Part 1.  I’ve got all the voice acting done for the next 3 parts, and I hope to get back at this very soon.

Wolfzone was instrumental in creating some of the faces and my friends from Video Friends Forum did most of the voice acting.  And they did a fantastic job.
Ordinary Hero
I decided to create a movie for Reallusion’s  “War & Peace” project, because I thought it would help me out with some more learning before starting Part 2 of Without Trust.  My sister helped me with a story line, as war and shooting were not really my thing.  I certainly don’t expect it to win any awards, but I think I made some progress on this one.
Mr. Wilson’s Revenge, A Halloween Story
This is the very first movie I did for Halloween, 2007.  It was for the Halloween contest put on by Cool Creators.  This movie was inspired by my good griend Jeff Caunter, who encouraged me and helped me with the story.  Jeff is also a whiz with sound editing, and he did many of the voices.

My daughter and her friend provided the voices of the little girls and this project will always be very special to me.  I’d love to do a Part 2 one day.  

Many of the costumes were adaptations from freebies on Cool Creators or the good work of Shygirl, as I didn’t really have a clue how to make clothes at that time, but I persevered after this and absolutely became hooked.

Pinhead has a cameo role if you look closely.

Street Smart was a story using a group of characters I ended up calling “Street Smart”.  I try to think of interesting ways of showing the clothes I make and I decided to do more of a story with this group of characters.

Thanks to Cricky who made some great creative suggestions which enhanced the final production and this story really was instrumental in taking some bigger steps with creativity than I had previously.

My only regret was not having live actors so I used my own voice and Morph Vox to create the various characters.
Street Smart
These are my favorite movies that I’ve done to date.  I know I’m far from being a “great” movie maker, but I do try to add a bit of creativity to everything I do and I have been in serious learning mode as of late.

My goal is to improve with each project but I really do this because I just enjoy it so darn much.

Some of you out there are so talented, and I watch what you do and try to incorporate the things you teach into my own productions  as I go along.  The community out there is really great, and I thank all of you who inspired me.
Alley’s Movies
Without Trust - Part 2 ....I think I improved a bit in this one.
I hope to get at Part 3 very soon.  I might even need a Part
4 as well.